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It is not a new notion that violence only begets more violence, but it seems as a whole humanity does not fully understand this concept. We still wage wars which only perpetuate the degradation of everything on the planet...willingly we react and create misery; this can never alleviate suffering, for ourselves, and surely not for the victims. Non violence does not mean pacifism, and if we enter into a world of positive action instead of negative reaction the result may be a world full of happiness and harmony. As farfetched of a notion that is portrayed in the picture may be, it asks the question what would be the result be if instead of dropping bombs we donated food, what if war was not saturated with macho bravado but rather compassion, and was seen in a more giving [feminine] light, to help others. This is the polar opposite of the current paradigm we promulgate. At another level war is seen as a serious endeavor, and glorified. In the past many people have painted and wrote about the horrors of war, but in another light it can be shown how senseless and futile it truly is; it is an, albeit cruel, joke of an attempt to solve our problems. Floral patterns and smiley faces aren't synonymous with what we perceive war to be currently, if it was, many of the ego's attracted to killing and death would be dissuaded. It is emasculating the current point of view. It takes more strength to try to help those who seem to harm you than to try and harm them yourself. War really is a feign attempt to solve what we don't even try to comprehend. Causality is the precursor to every event, we are responsible for each kamma, and how we react. If we understand the cause of violence, of wars, we can avoid them. If we understand the effects of violence, of wars fully, surely we would avoid them, if we truly are as rational as we humans think we are.

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